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Vecova's Wellness and Living Support Services

Calgary, Alberta

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Description of project

Vecova provides programs and services to support people of all ages and abilities in Calgary, the Bow Valley Corridor, and Rocky View. While our services do not solely serve seniors, our clients and patrons do include seniors with physical and/or developmental disabilities, who receive support primarily through our Wellness and Living Support Services.

Vecova's Wellness Services provide support for persons with disabilities and Calgarians of all ages and abilities so they may improve their physical, social and mental wellbeing and overall quality of life. As part of our services, Vecova operates a barrier-free recreation centre that provides health and wellness programs for seniors as well as children, youth and adults. Vecova's fitness and leisure programs include Gentle Fitness classes for land and water, which primarily serve individuals who are interesting in being active again, or for those who are returning to fitness after an injury, illness or new diagnosis. Our land programs help individuals build up their balance and strength to they can perform everyday functions, and ensures they keep up their physical health and activity level as they get older. Through our water classes, individuals can utilize our warm saltwater pool to stay active and get regular exercise, with minimal impact on their joints.

Through our Living Support Services, Vecova provides a mix of affordable and accessible living environments for persons with disabilities so they can live as independently as possible in a safe and appropriate environment. Vecova also recognizes that living support needs can change over time, and offers a variety of living environments including cluster housing, supported group living, home sharing, co-housing and supported independent living. The supported group living homes that Vecova owns and manages around the city of Calgary provide 24-hour care and community support for over 96 adults and seniors with developmental disabilities. While all homes require regular upkeep and maintenance, Vecova's homes require extra care because of age and accessibility needs. As some of our clients in this service are seniors with disabilities, modifications and upgrades must be made to these homes to ensure they continue to be easily accessible by each individual and meet changing standards and regulations for accessible housing. To ensure that the homes owned and manged by Vecova are up to the correct standards, and the individuals are receiving the required support, we need to customize some areas of the homes, like adding in ramps for wheelchairs, and this requires extensive materials and funds.

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