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Pay It Forward to Seniors and Adults with Disabilities

Toronto, Ontario

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I have had to arrange to find a barber who would cut a 70 year old mans hair. He was in a wheel chair and could not wash his own hair. He hadden had his nails or hair cut in over two years

Description of project

As many of our seniors are living below the poverty level and find it almost impossible to be able to get out and about our Campaign helps to bring support to those individuals. (We strive to protect the dignity and privacy whom find themselves in these positions)
Our Campaign (Paying It Forward) will help to support needed food, transportation, access to take in some activities that would have been out of their finical reach. As well as help to purchase accessibility products or hygiene items that help to reduce isolation.
One such goal is to help seniors get their hair cut and or their nails/toenails cut as it is a difficult and is expensive to get this done.
*(For men getting their hair and nails are a large group that often gets overlooked or neglected)

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