A program of Home Instead Senior Care Foundation of Canada

Windsor-Essex Compassion Care Community

Windsor , Ontario

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Fundraising Campaign

Funds raised through this campaign will support the WECCC project management staff who are on the front lines working with some of the most vulnerable citizens in Windsor and Essex County.

More About Us

Our program includes a Coalition of more than 300 champions and 100+ agencies and associations from education, health care, social services, municipal, cultural, faith, business, non-profit, volunteer and informal sectors. We cross all levels of government, with federal; provincial, regional, county, and municipal involvement and support. We represent the full human service continuum - including hospice, dementia, hospital, home and community care, long-term care homes, and physicians - as well as social services and education partners.
Working together with local agencies, businesses, and individuals, we help citizens build their circle of care around them to help support them as they age. By providing people with coaches to help organize their circle of care, we look at ways to improve their lives with community support, help from neighbours, family members and local support services. In addition to this we offer an application to support neighbourhood exchanges of time for talents and services. These efforts are recorded and data is collected to gage our progress in becoming one of the most compassionate communities in Canada. Ultimately we are connecting people with the help they need and want in order for them to live life well. In the process we are creating one of the most compassionate communities in Canada. It's a place where people want to live.


"I thought the WECCC program was essential and I hope everyone gets the opportunity to be able to participate in it. It also helped with brining my family together so that we could talk about the end times and being prepared.." Nancy Kilroy-Olah

"To be in the Windsor-Essex Compassion Care Community it means I feel valued. That's what I need." Maria Theresadobey


To raise happiness, improve quality of life and reduce inequities for elderly and vulnerable citizens in Windsor-Essex. We know service to others and to the community makes each of us happier, healthier and stronger. Working together, our impact is greater and our community thrives and prospers.
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