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Vecova Centre for Disability Services and Research

Calgary, Alberta

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Vecova is a dynamic and innovative centre focused on improving the quality of life and equity for persons with disabilities. We have been in the community for 50 years, and support nearly 400 persons with disabilities and their families each year through programs and services focused on employment, living support and wellness. At Vecova, it is our belief that everyone should have an active and engaged quality of life that enables meaningful connections and contributions to the world. Vecova is a registered an accredited non-profit charitable organization that serves persons with disabilities in Calgary and the Bow Valley Corridor. We are an inclusive hub for people of all abilities, and support people through progressive practices that integrate disability services, research, social innovation and social enterprise.

Our research and strategic services continually examine and assess our programs and services to ensure we are implementing the best and most promising practices in the disability sector. We also share our industry-leading research with our industry-partners and other disability organizations.

Vecova operates several social enterprises that reflect our vision of an inclusive society and provide employment opportunities for persons with a disability or barrier to employment. They are revenue generating enterprises that contribute to our programs and services, while also promoting greater inclusion in society. Vecova's enterprises include a bottle depot, bottle pick-up service, recreation centre and competitive business contracts with the Calgary Airport Authority and University of Calgary. Through our services, we are able to directly support persons with disabilities in the areas of employment, living supports and wellness:

Living Support Services
Vecova provides living support services to persons with disabilities so they can live as independently as possible in the most appropriate environment. Funds raised will provide living supports and services that include:
- Skills and training development
- Overnight support and assistance with medication and/or health care
- Personal care
- Meal preparation and household management

Employment Services
Employment services at Vecova focus on finding meaningful employment for persons with disabilities. Vecova provides a variety of employment services including:
- Career exploration, planning, job search design and job skills training
- Volunteer and work placement
- Mentoring and on-the-job retention support

Wellness Services
Vecova's wellness programs focus on creating community connectedness, independence and well-being (mental, social and physical) including:
- Participating in community activities, leisure and recreation opportunities
- Pursuing volunteer and education interests
- Offering professional supports through psychologists and social workers
- Health and fitness classes through our barrier-free Recreation Centre


Testimonial from Margaret McMillan (Calgary):

"I have been coming to Vecova for the best part of 25 years. I broke my leg skiing and other pools turned me away. Vecova's pool was recommended to me, as it had all the safety features - like a ramp - for people with disabilities. I have been coming ever since.

Not only did I rehabilitate here, but I also met wonderful people. Not just the employees but friends in both the aquatics and land programs. I have found everyone to be helpful and friendly, always polite and helpful. As a result, I was able to receive help from employees and my friends in the pool when my daughter was diagnosed with cancer. Support and TLC are very important in times like that, and I received in here.

Also, the warm water helps older folks like me with arthritis!

I would like to thank everyone at Vecova for your kindness and support over the years.

Have a wonderful 50 Anniversary! Thanks for being there for me!"


Building the capacity of persons with disabilities and enriching communities through leadership, innovation and collaboration.
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