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Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House

Vancouver, British Columbia

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The "Neighbourhood House on the go" project is to support the social participation and inclusion of seniors. This project reaches isolated and marginalized older adults by bringing Neighbourhood House activities and resources to the streets and yards of older adults, creating greater accessibility to services, and building strong neighbourhood-based intergenerational relationships. The first barrier encountered by older adults in accessing services is often the physical barriers of reaching resources: securing transport and having the physical capacity and confidence to go to a new and unfamiliar place. Many issues may prevent older adults from regularly leaving their homes; physical challenges that may come with aging, issues of depression and mental health, loss of social networks, losing the ability to safely drive, or lack of confidence in using public transit. "Neighbourhood House on the Go" (NHG) begins to address issues of social participation by creating mobile services offered in the community through a "Neighbourhood House" bike cart and building community relationships. THe NHG bike cart is powered by staff, senior volunteers, and bike cart volunteers to facilitate activities at the cart to engage seniors and others to participate in street and yard based activities, creating a warm and welcoming presence and the opportunity to build new relationships at a block level, creating greater accessibility to services, and building strong neighbourhood-based intergenerational relationships. Activities include free coffee and conversation, information and referral, veggie/plant/recipe exchange, seed library, art activities and games. The raised funds can help sustain this project through maintaining the bike, riding the bike around the neighbourhood, and facilitating events with seniors in need.

More About Us

We operate programs and services, including employment programs for multi-barriered youth, childcare for 200 children, family resource programs, seniors, youth and intergenerational programming and support for immigrant and newcomer families as well as facilitating many community events. We are committed to serving all members of our community and to building our community through encouraging citizen engagement, skill development, self-reliance, and by providing a place to feel a sense of belonging and support.


"I have been meaning to go to Frog Hollow when I get better. It is so nice that you guys come to visit me. You guys truly care."
"I am a volunteer and a participant in Frog Hollow and I have been involved for many years. This is like my second home."


Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House is a volunteer-driven community services organization located in the Hastings-Sunrise area and has provided service in North East Vancouver for over 50 years. Our purpose is to assist and empower the residents of our community to improve the quality of their lives through community programs and services, issue advocacy, community capacity building and community development initiatives.
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