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Music Therapy

by Alzheimer Society Peel

Music can be a powerful source of joy and comfort for people with dementia and for those around them. When words fail, music provides a way for the person with dementia to connect with others and engage with memories and emotions. The Alzheimer Society Peel's Music Program engages our members daily through live sing-a-longs and tailored pieces of music to bring joy to our clients.

According to Don Willett "My wife Lourdes might not be able to speak any more, but by singing her favourite songs we can put a smile on her face as she taps along to the beat."

We are looking for support to help ensure this engaging and rewarding program continues.

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The GIVE65 Incentive Fund

by Home Instead Senior Care Foundation of Canada

The GIVE65 Incentive Fund allows Home Instead Senior Care Foundation of Canada to provide matching grants and bonus grant awards to registered charities participating in the GIVE65 program. Individuals, businesses and foundations are welcome to support the GIVE65 Incentive Fund as a way to invest in the lives of seniors most in need of our help. Many registered charities throughout Canada are providing much needed support through meaningful programs, such as transportation, meals and nutrition, low-income housing, Alzheimer's and dementia care, hospice and charitable care just to name a few. Your donation is an investment that creates hope for seniors!

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Pawsativity at St. Peter's Hospital

by St. Peter's Hospital Foundation

St. Peter's Hospital has really gone to the dogs! We're pleased to announce a brand new program in partnership with Zachary's Paws for Healing to support our patients; Pawsativity at St. Peter's. Building on the success of our Pet Therapy activities, volunteers will be running a weekly program to provide opportunities for positive engagement to enhance patients' strengths and abilities. Pawsativity will complement the host of programs our Therapeutic Recreationists already run each week.

Pawsativity at St. Peter's will allow patients to participate in activities with therapy dogs - from taking the dogs on walks around St. Peters' beautiful grounds and 'racing' through obstacle courses, to playing games like musical chairs. This will provide weekly interaction for patients across St. Peter's Hospital's 4 units, giving them the opportunity to get some physical and mental exercise with a friendly and furry companion. In the last year, more than 1,000 seniors were treated at St. Peter's Hospital, accounting for 79% of all patients. Interactions with pets have been seen to lower stress levels and improve communication between patients and caregivers as it allows for participation in a shared positive experience.

With the support of the GIVE65 Initiative, proceeds will be used to purchase supplies to launch Pawsativity at St. Peter's. From dog leads and treats to facilitate bonding between patients and animals, to materials for games and activities, all proceeds will be used to create opportunities for engagement and fun for patients across St. Peter's Hospital.

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